5 Reasons NOT to Own Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl can be sort of an exotic addition to a homestead.

But in the interest of full disclosure you really should know the things that they do that aren’t so glamorous about guinea fowl.

Guinea Fowl Are Loud

Guineas are LOUD!!! No cute little clucking noises from these guys, it’s full out screaming and screeching. Sometimes this is spun as a positive.

Guineas Can Be Bullies

The guinea fowl figured out their own pecking order eventually but be prepared for a longer adjustment if you have other birds as well.

Guineas can fly pretty well and jump pretty high which means fencing isn’t really going to do much. Once they are comfortable with being outdoors they will start pushing the limits.

Guineas Love to Roam

Guinea hens are a little different than broody chickens in that they will sit on eggs and raise young together. You could be potentially looking at a nest of 40 or more eggs!

They Will Brood and Breed

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