5 Calorie Crops Your Survival Garden Must Have

If you really want to grow your own food and take control of your food security, you need to plan for all your calorie needs.

Here are 5 calorie crops everyone should plant in their survival garden.

Green beans are great, but better are dry beans. Dry beans will have more calories and go further in meals, plus they are more shelf stable and last much longer.


Dry corn will give you an average of 1500 calories per pound. Plus it’s very versatile to cook into a lot of different meals and dishes.


Potatoes will give you the most calories in the smallest space in the garden. You can even grow them above ground in a 5 gallon bucket or a large potato tower for a large harvest.


Winter squash if full of vitamins and nutrients, and has a long shelf life- lasting about 12 months under the correct conditions.

Winter Squash

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