20 Frugal Seed Starting Containers

Are you looking for a new way to save money on gardening?

If you have a large garden, starting seeds at home can start to look like an expensive venture. Just think of all those peat pots, peat pellets or seed flats you will have to buy! But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some frugal seed starting containers to help reduce costs on starting seeds at home.

Recycled Food and Drink Containers

Here are just a few of the food and drink containers you can use for seed starting! - egg cartons - yogurt cups - wooden boxes

Recycled Household Items for Seed Starting

Here are just a few of the items you can use. - ice cube trays - muffin tray - canning jars

Recycled Items for Seed Starting

Here are some other items you can recycle and reuse for seed starting containers. - toilet paper tubes - newspaper pots - reused nursery flats, pots and trays

Use Food Scraps as Seed Starting Containers

Food shells and peels make excellent containers for seeds because they are compostable themselves. - egg shells - citrus peels

Tips on Reusing Items for Seed Starting

– Wash your seed starting containers with soap and water before planting in them. – Make sure your containers have proper drainage- drill holes when possible to allow the excess water to drain.

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