20 Frugal Meals for When Money is Tight

Is money tight? Do you need to save on your food budget? Here are more than 20 frugal meal ideas to get you started and help you keep you grocery bill down!

Eggs are an inexpensive superfood! They are full of protein and nutrients, and can be eaten for any meal of the day!

Homemade bread is easy & inexpensive to make and much healthier than store bought!

Homemade Bread

Scrambled eggs, cheese, salsa, etc. stuffed in a flour tortilla is perfect for lunch or breakfast!

Egg Burritos

And not the boxed stuff! You can make a large pot of homemade Mac & Cheese for just a couple bucks!

Mac & Cheese

Soups and stews are cheap to make and very nutritious and filling!

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