15 Herbs to Companion Plant with in Your Vegetable Garden

Herbs are sometimes overlooked in the vegetable garden, but learning to companion plant with herbs can help you reduce pests and get a better harvest!

Here are 15 different herbs that are perfect for companion planting in your vegetable garden!

Basil is an amazing companion herb. It has a lot going for it such as repelling aphids, thrips, and spider mites PLUS it can improve the flavor of some of your crops!


Chives is part of the allium family and can deter pests such as aphids, flies, and beetles. It can also improve the flavor of crops like tomatoes.


When you think of dill, you might think of pickles. But dill is a great companion for cucumbers even before they come together in pickles.


Like many herbs, sage is great for both repelling pest insects such as flea beetles and cabbage butterflies, and attracting the beneficial ones.


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