15 DIY Pallet Shed, Barn, and Building Ideas

I love building with pallets. They are a valuable source of free wood that can be transformed into virtually anything!

Do you need a shed, barn, or storage building? Check out these 15 DIY Pallet Sheds and Buildings for ideas and inspiration!

Super Quick and Inexpensive Pallet Shelter

This Quick and Inexpensive Pallet Shelter is so fast to put up and is great for shelters for livestock or open storage.

This is another super quick Pallet Goat Shelter to put together. Goats can snuggle down together to keep warm- even in the cold Montana winters!

Quick and Easy Pallet Barn for Goats

Pigs don’t require a lot when it comes to shelter, just something to give them shade and protect them from harsh weather.

Pallet Shed for Hogs

The walls are made entirely from recycled wood pallets which are then covered in rough sawn lumber and a solid roof.

Permanent Pallet Barn

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