Gardening for Beginners: 11 Tips for a Successful Start

My garden is my favorite place to be. I love everything about it- from planning to starting seeds inside to digging in the dirt.

But gardening can sometimes seem like an overwhelming venture for those just starting out.

Here are 11 tips for beginning gardeners to reduce wasted time, energy and resources as well as prevent getting in over your head.

If this is your first year gardening, take it slow. Plant a few tomatoes and peppers. A small herb garden. Maybe some onions. Get used to how certain plants grow and their needs.

Start Small

Do you love fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce? Is salsa your thing? Then tomatoes should definitely be on your to-grow list.

Plant what you eat

Knowing your zone is one of the most important parts of gardening. It will determine what you can plant and when.

Plant to your climate

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