11 Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Are you a beginning gardener ready to plant your first garden this year?

It’s nice to think that all there is to gardening is sticking a seed or a plant in the ground, sprinkling it with water and then watching it magically grow tall, healthy, and full of produce.

Here are 11 gardening mistakes commonly made by beginners- so you can avoid them and grow a better garden!

Over Watering

Most plants hate to have their roots wet. And once plants are in the ground, their roots can grow deeper and reach into the ground water stored in the soil.

Under Watering

If you crops are wilting or stunted and it’s been awhile since you’ve had rain, chances are you need to help mother nature along and give some water.

Not Amending the Soil

You should know your soil type and what it lacks- so sending off a soil sample to your local extension agent can be a great start.

Planting Too Early

Before you ever start a garden you need to have some basic knowledge of your growing zone, your last frost date, and the preferences of garden crops.

Not Labeling

If you’ve never grow radishes before, you might not be able to identify them as they sprout and accidentally pull them up as a weed. Labeling helps you keep track of all the plants you have planted.

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