11 Easy, DIY Cucumber Trellis Ideas

Using a cucumber trellis can help improve your plants and keep them healthy and productive.

Here are 11 different cucumber trellis ideas- most of which are inexpensive and easy to construct.

Cattle Panel Cucumber Trellis

Cattle panels make a great cucumber trellis because they are made of strong wire that won’t bend and give as much as thinner fencing or string.

This is probably the most economical choice for a cucumber trellis. All you need is stakes- either wooden tomato stakes or metal t-posts- and some twine.

Posts and Twine Cucumber Trellis

If you only have a few cucumber plants to grow, a bamboo tee-pee is the perfect trellis to grow your cucumbers up.

Bamboo Tee-Pee Cucumber Trellis

If you don’t want to make your own cucumber trellis, a tomato cage is perfect!

Tomato Cage Cucumber Trellis

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