In this Post: Learn how to make a pallet barn for your livestock using recycled wooden pallets!

In a previous post shared our quick pallet shelter, but I also wanted to show how you can make a more permanent barn out of pallets.

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We made this pallet barn a couple of years ago, when we were very new to building any sort of structure, and if I were to do it over again, I would probably do a million things differently.

But the overall process would be about the same and using pallets is an economical and sustainable way to build any structure you might need.

We are not expert builders, so this isn’t as much a “how-to” but an example of how pallets can be used to build shelters. I am going to let the pictures do most of the talking, so here we go!


how to make a pallet barn for livestock


How to Make a Pallet Barn (Step-by-Step)


bottom layer of pallet barn wall


Our barn is 10′ x 10′. Each pallet is 48″ x 40″, so we used 3 pallets per side to make the 10′ length.

We connected the pallets together with 3 inch lag bolts.

If you want a little more security you can pound t-posts into the ground and place the pallets over top of them like we did in our quick pallet shelter.


2 layers of pallets to make pallet barn walls

2 layers of pallets connected to give more height


We purchased 4×4 posts for the corners and around the doorway.

These posts are secured into the ground.

The second story of pallets was connected to the corner posts, as well as connected to the first story pallets using recycled boards from around our homestead.


cinder block supporting the wall of the pallets

We were working on a major hill, so we had a lot to do in order to make the structure level. If I had to do it again, I would have picked a different place to build our pallet barn.

We added blocks for support in most areas, and added some smaller pallets to reduce the gap size between the ground and the pallets.

We took apart a few pallets and used the wood to make the supports for the roof slope.

recycled pallet roof supports on pallet barn

For the roofing, we purchased local, rough sawn lumber and tin panels.

We used the same local, rough sawn lumber for the siding of the barn.

This siding is untreated but has held up for almost 8 years without rotting in anyway.


putting roof supports on pallet barn

Because of the hill, the barn ended up being closer to 10′ tall instead of the intended 8′ height.

But, I love how it turned out, and our goats are very happy in their pallet barn!

Here’s the final product:


Learn how we made a 10x10 pallet barn for our goats. Make your own for your livestock or as a workshop or storage shed.

And the inside of our pallet barn:

goats in pallet barn


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