Is it breeding season in your goat herd? Make sure you know your goat’s due date by using this goat gestation calculator so you can be prepared for kidding this spring!

Breeding season is a fun time on a goat farm.

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The does are yelling. The bucks are blubbering. And there’s the promise of new life and bouncing kids come spring.

So if you are in the middle of breeding your goats, one of the most important things you should do is:


Seriously. Write it down, even if you aren’t sure the breeding took. Even if you think you’ll remember.

Use this goat gestation calculator below to help figure out the due dates for each of your goats so you can be prepared for kidding!


goat due date calculator


Goat Gestation Calculator

The following goat gestation calculator will help you quickly and easily calculate your goat’s due date.

It is based on the average gestation of 150 days.

Just enter your breeding date below and hit calculate to find out when your goat is due to kid!

Goat Gestation Calculator

Goat Gestation Calculator

Date Exposed:

Kidding Date:


Remember that this is an estimated due date for your goat. The average length of pregnancy is 150 days, but the range is 145-155 days. Make sure you gather all of your supplies and prepare for kidding before this estimated due date.

Also note that most miniature breeds have an average gestational length of about 145 days, so if you raise minis, subtract a few days from the estimated due date this calculator gives.



Now That You Have a Due Date- Now What?

So now that you have figured out your goat’s due date, now what do you do?

First, write down the due date in your Goat Management Binder. That way you won’t forget it and end up waiting and wondering when the kids will arrive and ultimately end up scrambling when they arrive unannounced.

Second, unless you have access to an ultrasound or plan on having your goats take a pregnancy test, you should watch for signs that your goat comes back into heat in about 21 days. If you see signs that the first breeding didn’t take, then breed them again and write the new due date down.

If your goat doesn’t come back into heat you can assume that breeding took and she is pregnant! This means you should make sure she gets the appropriate feed and care during pregnancy to ensure that she stays healthy and delivers healthy kids.

picture of goat pregancy checklist and kidding checklist pages

My Goat Management Binder has checklists to help you make sure breeding, pregnancy, and kidding go smoothly!


You should also make sure your pregnant does are getting optimum nutrition.

Pay attention to her body condition and make sure she is not too fat or too thin. As pregnancy progresses you should increase feed and hay to make sure she gets enough nutrition for her self and her growing kids.

Be sure she has the proper loose minerals out at all times and isn’t deficient in things like copper or selenium.




Preparing for Kidding

As your goat’s due date gets nearer, you need to be prepared.

This means packing your kidding kit.

Checking on your goat often and watching for signs of labor.

You should also keep an eye out for certain pregnancy related illnesses such as Toxemia or Hypocalcemia.


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