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The garden is in full swing and so are pests! Do you know how to get rid of slugs? Keep worms off your cabbage? How about how to keep squash bugs at bay or deer out of the garden? You can find answers to all these questions and more on Hometalk!Find me on Homtalk.com

If you’ve never visited Hometalk– it is sort of like Pinterest meets Facebook. It is one of the biggest home and garden knowledge sites on the web. It is made up of posts, questions and answers of thousands of people who are enthusiastic about their homes and gardens. Lots of real people posting about real projects they have done and giving advice and support to each other. Like Pinterest, you can “clip” articles and inspiration as you come across them and create different boards to keep all of your project inspiration organized. But you can also ask questions, give advice, leave comments. It can be a great community of like-minded people.

On my Keeping Pests Out of the Garden Board you can find 16 posts all centered around keeping all those pesky pets out of your garden and off of your food!

pesky pestI hope you’ll check out all the pest control posts. And if you haven’t been visited Hometalk before, stick around and explore for awhile. I bet you’ll find some great advice or your next great home improvement project inspiration!


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