Must-Have Goat Care Supplies

When it comes to goats you need to be ready for anything! This is the 3rd part in a series of posts about what supplies you should always keep at home- just in case! The following is a list of the top goat care supplies you should keep in your cabinet or barn, either...

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How to Bottle Feed a Goat

On our farm we dam raise all of our kids. I think it is better for all parties involved and it is easier on me. But every so often we have a mother who rejects all or some of her kids and we end up with a bottle baby. When this happens you are the kids mother- it can...

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8 Must Have Nutritional Supplements for Goats

n addition to the medications I shared on my 10 Must Have Goat Medications post, there are also a few supplements and nutritional support items you should always keep on hand if you are a goat owner. These are vitamins and other nutritional...

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10 Must Have Goat Medications

A well stocked medical cabinet is a must have when it comes to owning goats. You never know when sickness will hit and what goat medications you will need to fix it. Most supplies have a pretty long shelf life- but even if they only last a year, it is better to have...

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Anemia in Goats: Diagnosing and Treating

When it comes to livestock it can be tricky to find the cause of what ails your animals without calling the vet out every week. Do you have a lethargic goat? One with a dull coat and no energy? Maybe she's even come off her feed.  Chances are you might be dealing with...

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The Ultimate Guide to Goat Breeds

o you have made the decision to add goats to your homestead, but before you run out and purchase the first goat you find you will need to decide which of the goat breeds you will be raising. Deciding on a breed will be based on what your ultimate...

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All You Need to Know about Breeding Goats

  On our farm we have chickens, ducks, goats and a cow. Hands-down the chickens are a favorite of the kids, but the goats are my soft-spot. I love their personalities and all their little stubborn quirks. And around this time of year-when summer is starting to...

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5 Best Dairy Goat Breeds for the Small Farm

Next to chickens, goats are the most common animal added to a small or urban homestead. They have the ability to provide you with milk, meat and fiber depending on the breed you choose. Today I am going to focus on the 5 best dairy goat breeds for the small farm or...

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